Our Ministers

Clayton E. Kinson, Sr. Minister

Clayton E. Kinson, Sr. was born in Georgetown, South Carolina. He holds a high school diploma from Matthew W. Gilbert High School and an Air Condition & Refrigeration Certification from Florida State College at Jacksonville (formally Florida Community College of Jacksonville, Florida). He is a Refrigeration Mechanic at Porte Rica Maritime. He has been in the International Longshoreman Association (ILA) as a Longshoreman for over 35 years. He has served as a Chaplain and his current position is a Header. He is happily married to the former Cheryl Ferguson of Jacksonville, Florida for over 30 years. She labors by his side and helps him maintain a busy schedule. They work together tirelessly to save souls for the Lord.

Clayton E. Kinson, Sr. was added to the Body of Christ in 1977. He has served as Trustee, Deacon, Song Director, Teacher and Assistant Minister of the Gospel for over eight years under the leadership of Dr. Alfred Hooker at the Kings Road Church of Christ. In January 1990, he became the Minister of the Lem Turner Circle Church of Christ. The church is known as "The Wonderful Family of the Lem Turner Circle Church of Christ" by its love and home-like atmosphere. He doesn’t just preach the Gospel, he teaches the Gospel. He has a Cassette Tape Ministry that reaches hundreds of people in many cities, states, and overseas. They are distributed throughout the Body of Christ. The Lord has blessed him to preach the Gospel in other states for Church Anniversaries, Gospel Meetings and Lectureships.

Frank Hill Associate Minister

Frank Hill was born in the rural town of Perry, Georgia. He was the oldest son in a family of six. He attended Unionville Elementary and later graduated from Ballard Hudson High that was later renamed Southwest High Complex. He recalls his growing up and school days full of fun, adventure, childhood play and excitement from family reunions, various church activities and school events. What he calls "glory days" based on living with his parents bill free and having no adult responsibilities.

Not sure about which direction to take after graduating from high school, he left his high school student-job program at Robins Air Force Base in GA and joined the Navy in what he thought would be a short tour, but turned into a career. He was introduced to the Gospel in June 1975, which he obeyed, and is where he met his loving and devoted wife, Elizabeth of 25 years while stationed in Detroit, MI. His 24 years of short Naval Service awarded him with countless, accomplished and unforgettable memories. Memories highlighted from his opportunities to support and teach the Gospel world-wide, experience first-hand the Worship & Fellowship with saints from all lands and in cultures that were more fulfilling and precious than gold.

Upon being discharged with honors from Naval Service in 1995, both he and Liz have worked with the LTC congregation on numerous boards and committees. Over time, he has proven to be an apt teacher to all ages in his present role of Assistant Minister to our longtime Minister, Clayton E. Kinson Sr. He is still making a difference in this community and in men’s lives by leading the charge in pointing men to Jesus. Unlike his earlier youth days, he knows the true “glory days” are his walk and time with God, and are no longer carefree or without responsibilities, but steps to real living, that have been ordered by the Lord.